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Extravagant Skin Care

Gently peel away time with the non-invasive, extremely beneficial crystal peel. Great for uneven skin tone, dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, collagen production, acne and scarring.
30 minutes  –  $ 135, Neck – $ 45, Hands – $ 45, Chest – $ 55

Micro Facial
Combine a microdermabrasion treatment with a deeply hydrating facial and you have the treatment of a lifetime.
1 hour – $ 185, Neck – $ 45, Hands – $ 45, Chest – $ 55

Back Microdermabrasion
Microdermabrasion over your back and shoulders to create a smoother look and feel. The deepest clean imaginable.  
30 minutes
– $150

Back Facial
Smooth out your back with a deep pore to pore clean out; including steam, massage, essential oils, and a mask. Smooth and silky.   
1 hour
– $95

Ultimate Facial
Anti aging at its best!  This intense facial includes a peel; Vitamin C  to protect against sun damage; two antioxidant treatment serums to feed the skin and a vitamin rich cream for intense hydration. All this while you relax in warm hand mittens.      
1 hour
 – $ 145

Aromatherapy Facial
Anointed steam kisses your face as you are whist away in aromatherapy bliss.  Lavender exfoliates, pumpkin peels and a rose and hibiscus massage are just the beginning. After your skin is treated with serums and a fruit and lavender peel your hands and arms are gently scrubbed and massage to end this perfect treatment.   
1 hour
–  $ 130

Classic Facials
Restores the moisture that your skin craves…
Re-hydrate your skin, soften lines and gently stimulate your skin to create a natural glow.  Beautiful Refining oils and a Honey & Oats mask will be sure to revitalize your Soul.
1 hour
–  $ 85

Sinus Relief Facial
Breathe easily, with a deeply cleansing facial that targets sinus pressure and water retention.  An energizing essential oil is inhaled while lymphatic drainage massage is performed on face, head, and neck.      
1 hour
–  $ 90

Teen Facial
Start your teen out right with a great cleansing facial using all natural Tea Tree oil for troubled skin.
45 minutes  –  $ 60,  Teen Peel – $ 20

Prenatal Facials
A beautiful facial for the expected mother. This loving  facial  uses special blended essential oils that are perfect for you skin during this journey into life’s greatest gift.
1 hour  –  $ 95

Herbal Facial
Loaded with a multitude of organic antioxidants to stimulate and restore your skin back to optimum health. Featured products are; Magic Dust Face Polish, Earth Mud Mask, Renew Antioxidant Treatment, Balance Serum, and Repair Eye Treatment.
1 hour
– $ 115

Optimum Rejuvenation
The ultimate in organic skin care. Featured products are; Fresh Cleansing Gel, Magic Dust face polish, Rose Petal Peel, specialty Essential oils, & Antioxidant serums. Reach the pinnacle of indulgence with foot reflexology to complete this powerful treatment.    
1 hour 20 min
– $ 210