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Luscious Body Treatments

Surrender your energies to the Shiradara Treatment.  Receive an aromatherapy massage, then enter a deep state of meditation while a stream of warm aromatherapy oils glides over your third eye and down your hair.
1 hour & 15 minutes –  $ 135

Spa “Wrap-ture”
This decadent treatment begins with an invigorating full body exfoliation using sea botanicals anointed with lavender. After an algae-seaweed mask application, relax in a warm cocoon while we pamper you with an aromatherapy scalp treatment. Then lavish your skin with a beautiful body milk.
1 hour & 15 minutes
–  $ 130

Aromatherapy Body Silk
This luscious aromatic treatment begins with a gentle full-body exfoliation with lavender botanicals and soft essential oils. Next you’re swept away in a delicate massage leaving your body and your mind out of this world.
1 hour & 15 minutes –  $ 110

Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment
A beautiful blend of essential oils are massaged into your hair and scalp. An ultra-rich treatment on it’s own but irresistible when added to any other treatment.
30 minutes –  $ 50

Reflexology Deluxe
Treat your feet…
Enjoy a beautiful aromatherapy salt scrub on your tired feet and legs. Feel rejuvenated with a reflexology massage of essential oils and hot towels.
45 minutes –  $ 65

Lavender Body Scrub
Scrub your body silky smooth.  Different blends of essential oils will revitalize your body and awaken your senses.
45 minutes
– $ 70

Hot Paraffin Hand & Foot Paint
As your hands and feet are painted with hot paraffin your neck and shoulders melt away in a massage.
1 hour –  $ 90

Gentle Care Facial Treatment
For children with desires for special attention & great for those with Autism, PDD, PDD-NOS, Social Anxiety and ADHD. Touch therapy, steam, soothing products & compassionate love. Parent/guardian is welcome in the treatment room during service.
Approximate time 30 minutes – $35

Mariposa Hypnotherapy – Self Transformation
The Beauty Lounge – Make Overs & Cosmetics
Nutrition Consultations – For Optimum Health

Shamanic Healing
Shamanic Energy Healing treats the Luminous Energy Field that surrounds the mind/body. This Field contains the records of all previous life experiences: emotions, beliefs, traumas; personal, ancestral, karmic memories. Shamanic Energy Healing takes us beyond the mental-emotional to the level of spirit to allow for freedom, clarity, and open to one’s destiny.
1 hour & 15 minutes – $155